Water Your Body

Your Personal Hydration Coach.

"This is the first time I've ever remembered to stay hydrated!"

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For iPhone and iPad

Stay synched between devices. Never miss a reminder. Water Your Body keeps you hydrated and healthy.

Personal Goal

Multiple Point, Dynamic Survey tailored to your individual stats. Get the most accuracte goal based on your Lifestyle.


In-Depth Reward system for meeting your daily goals and staying on track. Earn Trophies and Badges for Various Activities.

Facts & Tips

Water is so vital to health. Water Your Body is packed with interesting and useful Factoids and Tips that will open your mind.

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Detailed Tracking

Water Your Body monitors your Hydration on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Basis.

Beautiful, modern design

Rich, Interactive User Interface engages you
to keep at it.


Once you win your first Trophy you will
be hooked!

Become an H2O Nerd

Using Water Your Body will turn you into an expert on Hydration and Human Health. Learn the Risks of Chronic Dehydration.

Knowledge from Experts

Water Your Body is Doctor Recommended. As Seen on
The Doctors on CBS!

Down to the last drop

Every Fluid Ounce is accounted for.
Reach your Optimal Goal.

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Lifestyle Perfection

Everything needed from a Water App is here. The time to stop neglecting your health is now.

Unique Stats

No two Water Your Body users will have the same experience. Find out exactly what yours will be.

Dynamic Containers

Any type of drinking vessel can be logged with accuracy on the Unique and Interactive Tabletop.


Internationally Ready

Use either US or Metric measurements to track your drinking amounts. Select Ounces or Milliliters.

Data Obsessed

View a detailed historical table of time and dates of every cup or bottle of water you drank.